Dear City on a Hill Family

This is just a quick note to encourage you in your partnership with City on a Hill.

We believe 2020 is a year of Double Double Blessing & Favor. It’s a season of breaking barriers and seeing victories!

Our God given theme for 2020 is BETTER TOGETHER. We believe that WE ARE TRULY #BetterTogether. Together we we will see God do exceedingly abundantly far above all we can think or pray for!

We had an amazing Family Meeting on Tuesday 21 January:

  1. We are all connected to make a difference together.
    We are like links in a net and we are “fishers of people” TOGETHER.
  2. You In Five Years is HUGE.
    Please join us in this 40 day journey of prioritising the “BIG ROCKS” now so that we can see lasting fruit even 5 years from now.
    The Sessions will consist of the following themes:
    – Living for His Glory
    – Believe Big
    – Live a Big Life of Overflow
    – Grow Big: Be intentional about Spiritual Growth
    – Be Fruitful & Multiply
    – Be Empowered by the Holy Spirit

#YouInFiveYears is almost like Alpha – it’s an opportunity to invite unsaved, unchurched and disconnected people to a 40 day journey of discovery & growth. We will have daily devotions, Light Group Videos and Sunday messages all linking up to bless and strengthen us and our friends & families..

Here’s the strategy:

  1. Invite someone to the launch on 2 February at 9:30am or 5:05pm.
  2. We will encourage people to attend ONE LIGHT-GROUP the first week of February for the introduction session. At this session your guest can choose whether he wants to come back for the 6 week course.
  3. If they say “Yes”, we make sure they get daily devotionals and we encourage them to attend Light Group and Sunday Celebrations for 40 days.

This is a Massive WIN for all of us. We believe this #YouInFiveYearsChallenge will be a powerful tool where Jesus changes lives! Please pray & fast for people to join your group?

  1. Don’t forget to sign up for International School of Ministry:
    – You will never be the same after this
    – Six Friday nights and Saturday mornings in 2020
    – Professional course with international speakers
    – Times of revelation, impartation & activation
    – Don’t let finances stop you, we would love to help where we can
    – God wants to use you: be equipped for fruitful ministry
  2. Remember to fast with us: 24-31 January
    Our whole church will FAST together and we will experience intimacy with Jesus and many breakthroughs!

Thank you for taking the time to read this – we are in this TOGETHER

We look forward to having more than 1000 people at our 11th Birthday on 2 February – bring as many people along as you can? We will share some exciting news with you and give everyone a little gift to remind us of our theme for 2020 and we will obviously Launch “You In Five Years”.

Let’s Make History TOGETHER 🤩

Much Love
Mark & Marie’


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