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We believe God would say:  “Do not call this common”
Most of us get used to the privileges, the blessings, the favor and the gifts that God gives us.

Think about it:

  • What He did for you on the Cross
  • His Word & His Spirit
  • His presence & His love
  • Our family & our friends

Also: Our Local Church: City on a Hill (An Absolute Miracle)

Could you take a moment today to give God thanks. Praise Jesus for all He has done, especially with City on a Hill.

We are also so thankful for the last season:

  • We had a powerful Equip NW with input from Peter Rasmussen, Bruce  & Theresa Benge!
  • Red Letter Challenge was one of the best things we have experienced as a church. From Light Groups to daily devotions and envisioning Sunday’s – Wow: All of us grew in our walk with Jesus!
  • Our Communities are also seeing growth in so many ways. New Members are being added, new Light Groups have started and we are growing as a family.
  • We had a life changing International School of Ministry weekend… With a BONUS “Encounter Worship Night”.
  • Ignite Kids Ministry has taken huge ground: Improved facilities, curriculum and an amazing ministry team!
  • ISB Youth has been pumping!!! Our Young Adults are also stepping in fresh ways.
  • Our “City Lights Prayer Nights” on Tuesdays have been extremely powerful: Our Communities are praying powerful prayers and we are enjoying God’s presence together!
  • We have had so many powerful outreaches: Local Outreaches, North West Tsunami and even went to Denmark. We are a GIVING GOING SENDING CHURCH!
  • We still see many commitments to Christ at both our Sunday Celebrations and many are being baptized!
  • We prayed for 44 People as new City on a Hill gospel partners – these precious people publically confirmed that they want to be PLANTED in this household of faith.
  • We also had the BEST Destiny Weekend recently – If you haven’t done Destiny Weekend, please attend the next one?

There’s a lot more to celebrate: New Believers, Prayer Ministry, Paradigm Shift, Walk A Mile in My Shoes, Get Set Go Groups, Ministry in Schools etc… We really need to Praise Jesus for all these blessings!

After Giving thanks to JESUS – we also want to thank YOU… Thank You for praying, giving, serving, caring, going and for being part of what God is doing with us – we praise God for you!

Some Important Reminders:

  1. Community FUN Day:
  • Saturday 12 October at 8:30am. God spoke to us about Celebrating more – this is an opportunity. We will also be honouring our LEADERS at 12:00 – such a blessing to appreciate these amazing people!
  1. Light Group Material Options:
  • For 4 weeks we will give you an opportunity to either do our normal “Sermon Based” Material, A Marriage Course by Andy Stanley or A Finance Course by Dave Ramsey. Speak to your Light Group Leader about your next 4 weeks.
  1. Our Mastermind Series is HUGE:
  • We believe this will totally transform our lives as we identify the lies in our minds and destroy these lies by meditating on God’s truth… Don’t miss one week and let’s invite our friends?
  1. Philippine Mission Trip:
  • City on a Hill will send 8 people to the Philippine Islands on 13 October to train leaders, preach the gospel and to minister to those in need… Please pray for us?
  1. ISOM 2020 (International School Of Ministry):
  • Wow Wow Wow – This year has been amazing!!! We have had world class training and equipping for ministry and we are going to the next level in 2020… Register today – We believe this will be one of the best investments you can make!
  1. Global Equip – 5-9 October 2020:
  • We will see 7000 people come together from all over the world for a POWERFUL Equip in Johannesburg next year! Please book out these dates and start saving – it’s going to be out of this world! If you register before January, you will get 40% discount!

Much Love
Mark & Marie’


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