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We are so grateful to Jesus for this GIFT called “City on a Hill” – this church truly is a miracle, a blessing… More Special than we realize. Thank You for Praying, Serving, Giving, Loving, Forgiving and Believing – we praise God for YOU!
We had a very powerful time of Corporate Prayer and Fasting last week – Jesus is drawing us closer to Him and we are becoming more like Him!

Equip NW:
WOW……. Absolutely WOW!
What an amazing time we’ve had – Jesus did so much, we are overwhelmed with His Presence & Goodness. People came from Kimberley, Rustenburg, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Potchefstroom, Mafikeng and even Botswana. We are envisioned, equipped and empowered for more effective ministry! Opportunities like these are precious – we are convinced that the GOSPEL will advance even more because of what Jesus did at Equip!

We are a giving, going, sending church: We had two months of extreme fruitfulness…
We took a massive team to Botswana, we hosted a Camp for “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”, We sent a team to Mozambique and we ministered in the UK and the USA! Pray with us for our outreaches, go with us and also give with us – it’s a blessing.

Our City Lights Half-Time is a real highlight and our light groups really grew by using the Alpha Course. Murdoch shared with us how leading a light group is a lot like baking a cake. We want to encourage you personally to PRIORITIZE Community – its a vital part of your growth and inheritance.

Some Very Important News:

RED LETTER CHALLENGE starts this week – Woooooohoooooooo!

“Red Letter challenge” is a challenge that we are engaging in together as a church – it’s all about putting the Words of Jesus into practice. We are going to take 40 days of daily reading the scriptures and gathering weekly in LIGHT Groups & Celebrations to look at 5 major things Jesus taught and then putting this into practice.

Please take the Challenge with us:
Do the Daily Devotional with us (Email, Facebook or WhatsApp)
Join a Light Group that’s doing the “RED LETTER CHALLENGE”
Attend our Celebrations for all 6 Sundays while we do the Challenge
Now is the time to invite someone to your Light Group for 6 weeks 😉
Our Lives will Never Be the same! We will email you these devotional everyday – please read them, pray through them and share them?

Important Announcements:
RED LETTER CHALLENGE: 11 August-22 September
VISION Sunday: 1 September – 9:30am & 5:05pm
Get Connected: 1 September – 11am & 6:30pm
North West Gospel Tsunami: 26-29 September

Enjoy Jesus – He is our LIFE and our LIGHT!

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