As you know – God is really doing something so special with us as a church.
From saving and restoring lives every Sunday to growing us powerfully in our Light Groups!

Our Youth Ministry and Kids Ministry has really grown in so many ways – this has been such an answer to prayer! We have also Launched “Come Home” – a Young Adults Ministry gathering on Friday nights.

Easter Weekend was wonderful: we Celebrated the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus in a Significant way. Our Series: “God’s Provision in the midst of Famine” came at the right time – God is our source and we look to Him!

We have taken huge strides with our Apostolic Fund: A Big team went to Mozambique to reach out with the Gospel and Romke has just gone to Sudan with 30 000 BIBLES – reaching people who desperately need a bible in their own language. Our next big Apostolic Opportunity takes place in Gaborone, Botswana from 13-15 June, please join us if you can?

Our Women’s Conference was great and it was special to have Jean Guthrie at both our Celebrations this past Sunday. Many, Many People got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and we really celebrate what Jesus did!

The Move of the Holy Spirit in our Celebrations:
As Elders, we do believe we need to clarify our convictions around the move of the Holy Spirit in light of some of the excess that we experienced on Sunday – please read carefully and feel free to discuss any of your questions with your Light Group Leader or Community Leader

We firmly believe in the Holy Spirit and are very open for Him to move in power. We see in scripture (John 14, John 16 & Acts 1) that Jesus taught us to rely on the Holy Spirit and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit in everything we do. WE DO NOT CHASE MANIFESTATIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, but we CHASE AFTER KNOWING GOD the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT.

We see many manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the scriptures… We see tongues of fire, buildings shaking, Sound like a rushing wind, People Speaking in Tongues etc. – these manifestations are out of our box – we don’t understand them all, but they can happen. (Acts 2, Acts 4, Acts 5 etc.)

The major question we ask as Elders is: “Where is the fruit?” – if there’s biblical lasting fruit, it’s real. Jesus said: “A tree is known by it’s fruit”. We are convinced that 90% of what happened on Sunday bears biblical fruit… We spoke to many people afterwards: Many truly got born again, many really got filled with the Holy Spirit and many truly experienced healing and freedom. (Matthew 7:17-18 & Matthew 12:27-28)

We are committed to being authentic and we are passionate about honouring Jesus in everything we do. We don’t want anyone to be robbed of a blessing because of any excess anyone experienced… We as a church will rather be guilty of being too zealous for Jesus and the work of His Spirit than being too cautious and missing out on what Jesus has for us. We are in a sense more like Peter that’s willing to get out of the boat to walk on water than the other disciples who never walked on water… This style of leadership calls for humility and dependence on the Lord!

What we need to apologize for:
Speaking in Tongues over the Microphone (1 Corinthians 14)
When there’s believers only, we might all sing in tongues, but if someone speaks in tongues over a microphone – there has to be an interpretation! Please forgive us for allowing this?

Thinking that you have to fall to experience God. God is BIG – He touches people in so many ways and we don’t want anyone to think that this is the only way… In Scripture, we read how the glory would fill the temple so powerfully that people could not enter. There are some mysteries that we live with and will not want to preach things as absolutes when the bible is not clear on them.

Our greatest desire is that Jesus is glorified and that lives truly truly change. If lives really are changing meaning: People are more in love with Jesus, they spend more time in His word and they become more like Him – then we are making disciples!

As a pattern we are committed to:
Worshipping Jesus Christ – Gathering to KNOW Jesus and to make HIM known!
Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every Celebration. We want to see People far from God become the LIGHT of Christ.
Making room for the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a way that builds up the body of Christ.

Gathering in community where we devote ourselves to the scriptures & fellowship.
Baptizing people in water and seeing them filled with the Holy Spirit.
Sending people in the power of the Holy Spirit to BE Christ’s Witnesses as a lifestyle.

Staying Faithful in Prayer – Praying Together as much as possible.
Loving relationships, where we care for each other authentically.
Please continue praying for our Church, the Elders & Deacons to stay hungry for God. We need His Grace and Wisdom as we experience the Revival that Jesus promised us.

Some Important Announcements:
19 May – 3 August – Supernatural Jesus: A series where we work through the book of Mark learning from Jesus’ Supernatural Lifestyle.

26 May – Community Sunday – We will be Celebrating our Communities and New Community Leaders in both our Celebrations.

26 May @ 11:15am – Get Connected – Another opportunity for those who would like to be part of the City on a Hill Family to spend an hour with Mark & Marie’.

31 May-1 June – International School of Ministry with John Mphaphuli, Thabiso Motsepe and Zach Lombard at Resonate Church in Potchefstroom.

13 – 15 June – Botswana Equip in Gaborone – Join us on this exciting ministry trip where we will minister to leaders from 6 regions in Botswana. The cost: R800pm – Register at our Info Desk.

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